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Welcome To My World (rastarican) wrote,
@ 2005-11-07 15:46:00
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    Current mood: rejected
    Current music:Marcus Houston- Naked remix

    My weekend on Saturday I worked from 8am-8pm. It was a long day at work...but I guess it went well. I love my boss! She is like a mother to me. Her family is like my family. I ate like a damn pig! Good God....I can't believe that!!! I lost 5lbs during my fast and I ate like a pig during the weekend! I feel like a fuckin' cow.

    Sunday I worked at my second job. I work at a store in the mall. It's pretty boring. No one comes in there. So I usually just have the music on....I'm the only one there other then my friends daughter that goes in there and talks to me. We only had one sale. I only work there on the side on Sundays. A friend of mine works at a bank and she was supposed to give me an application but she forgot. I tried to get ahold of her but I couldn't.

    Saturday night my ex called me. He was watching a movie and he said that he would call me back when the movie was over. I went out Saturday night with my friend to a club and when I checked to see if he called me back he never did. I don't even know why I think that he would actually give me that much importance to call. What an asshole!

    Last night I called him....I don't even know why I try. It went straight to voicemail. I didn't leave a mesg. He called me today and asked me why I never call. I told him that I called him last night and how it went to voicemail. He didn't believe me. Then he was entering the house and said that he would call me back. I went online and from his phone he IMed me asking me what time I came home last night and who was I with. Why would he even care? He got mad at me because I told him I didn't know what time I came home. So then I decided to be a bitch and ask him why was he so quick to get me off the phone when he got to the house but he can IM me. Of course he never answered my question....I already know. I bet that girl he cheated on me with was there. He got mad at me and said that he was done. I wonder what that means. I guess he wont be talking to me anymore. Oh well. I can't be stressing. I'm tired of stressing. I feel lonely and all I want is for someone to truly love me. But I guess I need to wake up from that dream huh?

    Well, this is my stressed life.

    I'm fasting today....I've had about 54 cals. I hope I don't eat anything. I'm such and ugly person. No wonder why I can't find a good guy. I'm too damn ugly and fat. Oh well. Loneliness shall be my best friend.

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2005-11-07 16:36 (link)
Love can't be understood, of that I'm sure. Certainly love makes no sense. We wouldn't do the stupid things we do if it did, and we wouldn't get hurt in the process. We lie to one another and act like we own them, even when we're not together. Love shouldn't be selfish. I suppose if selflessness is ever overcome between two people, then that's when they know it's really love. And I think that's all all of us want--someone to love us.

Thanks so much for sharing you...
Was marvelous hearing from you

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2005-11-08 11:06 (link)
We already went over this- HE'S the one who isn't good enough for you. Just like you always tell me it's not my fault that Sidney hit me, it's not your fault that he cheated on you. We're young, we ARE going to find men that will love us for who we are.... It might take a while but we're going to find somebody.

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