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Elizabeth (rapevictimfairy) wrote,
@ 2004-05-26 19:33:00
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    don't let go, you've got the music in you
    yeah..... had some fun. Lots of driving. Monty python +chelsea+ uber brownies= lots of drooling...and laughing...sometimes at the same we were draughing. Is it bad when your perfume gives you a headache? umm, so anyway, if anyone wants to hang out just call, i pretty much don't have any plans for the entire summer. Maybe i should get off of my lazy ass and go get a job. My jill and my Aimee are gone.This makes me sad. I wish i could drive. My stomatch hurts.

    oh yeah, in case ya'll forgot my number is ( 480) 563-1711

    my chelsea is here....ouch

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2004-05-27 05:01 (link)
liz, liz, liz, i will hang out with you this summer since i have similar plans most of summer (get a job... etc) i will not be making any trips out side of this damn state anytime soon....besides.... i still need to see shrek 2 :P anyway, you had no comments again so i had to make you feel not lonely and sign again

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Re: hmmm
2004-05-27 23:36 (link)

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2004-05-27 13:44 (link)
i'll hang out with you as soon as you get here.

and if you come and pull a jill and dont see me, ill be really upset.


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bad news
2004-05-27 23:35 (link)
I'm so sorry hun, my mom isn't letting me's kinda complicated, but maybe another time this summer. Forgive me?

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2004-05-28 19:21 (link)
Now, is that the cellphone number that works? Because the cell-number I have never works when I try to call you. Which makes stalking you really hard, believe me.


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2004-05-28 19:48 (link)
I concur!


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