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Elizabeth (rapevictimfairy) wrote,
@ 2004-03-24 11:52:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:Third eye blind - Jumper

    All the things i should have said a long time ago.....
    To Jill:
    I'm sorry i left you alone....
    I'm sorry i don't answer my cell phone...
    I'm sorry that i'm never arround when you need me
    I'm sorry i ever made you feel like you didn't matter....
    I'm sorry for every time i've ever felt jelous of you....
    I'm sorry that i don't tell you how much you mean to me more often

    To Chelsea:
    I'm sorry that i don't spend more time with you....
    I'm sorry that i pretend that you're okay when you aren't
    I'm sorry that i don't tell you what a great person you are
    I'm sorry for not including you when i should
    I'm sorry that i'm not a better friend

    To My mom ( even though she wont see this):
    I'm sorry that i'm weak and i give into my temptations
    I'm sorry for all the times that i've lied to you
    I'm sorry for forgetting to call.....
    I'm sorry that i can't be your perfect little girl.

    To all my Theater friends ( Sara, Daniellie, Bryan, Larkin, Shawn anyone else who read's this journal)

    I'm sorry that i don't spend more time with you
    ( hehehe) Bryan: I'm sorry i threatend to turn goth ( even though we all know that woulld never happen)
    thanks: for listening to my rants, for giving me my love of theater, and yes.... even for all the poking.

    To Kerrington:( he wont see this either)
    I'm so sorry if i hurt you in any way....

    To: Chelsea, Jill, Aimee, David (both Davids), K, Heather, Jenni, and anyone else i haven't thanked yet
    Thanks for putting up with me ^_______^.

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2004-03-24 15:57 (link)
Thanks for being wonderful. :)




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2004-03-24 17:37 (link)
aaaw, lizzy! you know I adore you. You have friends other than myself and I understand. and there's NOTHING to be jealous about. :P I love you so much, Lizzy. Thanks for being the wonderful friend/person you are.

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2004-03-25 14:58 (link)
Thanks for being the bestest freshman our senior class could ask for.


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2004-03-25 20:25 (link)

At 11PM last night, _I_ made a sorry list.
How the hell did you do the exact same thing at the same time?
Technically, it was a few hours later.
But wow.
Talk about your coincidences.


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2004-03-26 23:37 (link)
oh, that's just because i control your mind.

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from the sandbox boy:
2004-03-28 06:45 (link)
lizbo! I keep trying to call you, but noone answers!

I guess thats because you must have some sort of social life, sigh.
Oh well, it'll just be that much longer before we can go bra shopping!

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