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Dorkus Maximus (randyrocks_00) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 04:14:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

    lol night owl
    Hehe i was watching All Things Rock just right now. Anyways Benji looked so fucking HOT! I wanted to jump on him and rape him. lol. Well Anywayz they show waas coming to the end and Benji was like, "We gotta go cuz it's Joels bed time..." Then he like was bending his finger like he was talking to an infant, "Go to sweep baby Joely..." lol when he said that he sounded so cute. I WANNA FUCK HIM! lol. He got a new peircing. FUCK IT LOOKED SO FUCKING HOT! I wanna chain him to my bed and lick him from head to toe. I wanna kiss his soft lips and pull on his peircing with my teeth. =) He's so damn sexy! I want him, i need him, hes my fuckin drug. DAMN! Anyways.... Bree stayed at my dads for like four days. It was fun we watched Next Friday a million times. I miss Benji now. Ai! Papi! He's such a sexy bitch! well I'm tired I'm gonna go find a picture of Benji to masturbate to lol jk. But I am gonna find a pic of him recently so you guys can see how fuckin hot he is.

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2003-07-28 22:23 (link)
haha whoaa can we say a little obbsessed? haha i kid. He is pretty dam hot, but you know who i think is wayyyy hotter? shia lebouf=stud. lol. the guy from holes, even stevens, curly hair, sooooo fuckin adorable. rambeling. ttyl!

x oh x ohhh

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2003-07-29 01:11 (link)
Lol Louis? Hey what ever floats your boat. I just wanna get one thing clear. I'm not some little teeny bopper. If I do sound like one anyways. I've liked Good Charlotte since like they first came 3 years ago. So I AM NOT A TEENY BOPPER! If u got that impression :) I just happen to be a teenage female fan who likes the guitarist not just for his looks or the fact that hes in a band and makes money its because hes so cute its like i know him like hes my best friend lol i know i am obsessive but if you got the impression im a teeny bopper im not. Maybe you didnt but maybe you did i don't know whatever lol. k bye :)

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2003-08-02 09:23 (link)
I LOVE louis, and no i didnt get that impression.
I cant stand people like that. Ive liked them since there first cd as well, and it bothers me that there second cd got all the attention, when clearly there first is way better. lol.
Catch ya later doll.

xoh xohhh

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