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The h-bar (rama) wrote,
@ 2004-06-29 11:57:00
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    Moving Time
    So, I have almost entirely figured out when I am moving. I am leaving either tomorrow night or Thursday morning with Karin or Friday night or Saturday morning with some combination of my parents and brother. I am sad to leave the H-dot and thus be further away from the Loo (Water-loo that is!), yet am really excited to be going Meaford way as well. If anyone is headed up towards Meaford/Thornbury/Collingwood/Owen Sound/ Sauble Beach/Wasaga Beach/Stayner (*cough* Mike *cough*) area, let me know and we can hang (or lend a bed for the night, we have 17 if we count doubles as 2)! I will most definately be down for Kirk and Robyn's wedding and for my exam in August (ugh, arts exam). Other than that, they will be slightly random trips so hopefully I will see you all!

    Adam (Hale), Nelson, and Danika, here Kar and I come!

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2004-06-29 13:54 (link)
Hey Shannon, what kind of work are you doing this summer in Meaford? I know you told me earlier, but I've forgotten...


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Re: job?
2004-06-29 22:58 (link)
Well, I am part Lifeguard, part sailing instructor, part camp councillor, part food and beverages staff, part sr. staff (camp planning) and part tennis instructor (only when Bryony is sick though). Karin is my "other half" in the sense that she does all of what I do minus the sailing for she can teach canoeing considerably better than I can! See you at Kirk's wedding if not before!

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Re: job?
2004-07-04 22:21 (link)
Sounds like fun, as long as you enjoy working with kids. :)
Drove through Stayner today and wondered how close I was to where you're working.

Hopefully I'll see you sometime soon - I won't be at Kirk's wedding, so maybe I'll catch you around 110 sometime.


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