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Rajat Singh (rajattaylor938) wrote,
@ 2012-03-23 18:38:00
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    Prestigious James Beard House to feature Celebrity Cruises chefs - Travel Guides, Travel Tips
    Anyone who believes that cruise ship dining is driven by quantity over quality has not experienced Celebrity Cruises' award-winning cuisine. The esteemed James Beard House in cruise line chefs.

    The April 5 dinner will begin with an eclectic array of six hors d'oeuvres and canap├ęs, many of which are inspired by the chefs' history of cooking together as well as other career experiences that have shaped their culinary style. An eggplant imam bayildi with chickpea fritters pays homage to the Middle Eastern-inspired meze in the popular "M's Favorites" in Qsine, the Celebrity Cruises specialty restaurant that aims to awaken palates through a playful and whimsical approach to familiar and memorable dishes from around the world. Paired with this and the other hors d'oeuvres will be several California wine "stars" - a celebratory 2009 Etoile brut sparkling wine (produced by Moet & Chandon) and a 2007 Cakebread Cellars sauvignon blanc selected for its high acidity, which will drive guests' palates to crave more flavors - flavors that will be delivered during the dinner. The meal will begin with a light, clean hamachi tartare and carpaccio with blood orange-ginger espuma, pepquino salad and sakura cress, accompanied by Ichishmia sake. From there, each course will become progressively richer, culminating in a fifth course that will showcase the chefs' passion and technical expertise alike. Their "lamb quattro" will include four cuts and preparations of lamb on a single plate: za'atar-crusted lamb loin; lamb ravioli; merguez sausage boolani; and lamb rib with morels, pea blini and lamb jus. The highly limited-production, Napa Valley-sourced Amuse Bouche, a twist on the classic Pomerol-style Bordeaux blend, will offer a classic food and wine pairing to round out the rich explosion of flavors guests will experience in this course.

    "The James Beard House dinner will not only reflect our individual styles and career influences, but also the types of dishes we've created together over the past eleven years," Suley said. "We bring this same synergy to the Celebrity culinary experience, and hope that our passion for cooking amazing food adds an element of the unexpected, of adventure, even of astonishment, to our guests' vacations."

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    Rajat - Travel And Tour World - Travel And Tour World

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