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Luaren (rainonme) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 16:58:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    sooo. yeah. i said something yesterday to sarah about having had a crush on this girl casey my freshman year, and she went on to tell me about all the people i used to know who'd gotten pregnant or dropped out. greeat. Casey, Janelle, Miranda. All got pregnant. omg. Antionette dropped out. geez.

    Honestly i've pretty much known i wasn't straight since 8th grade. I had a crush on a girl named devon who sat next to me in history till i switched teachers. I just never did anything about it. I had a crush on alondra...and casey freshman year. Soph i simply ignored everyone. Junior sarah talked me into dating aaron (big mistake), and as everyone has agreed what straight girl would date aaron. And after that went back to ignoring everyone. Blah. Then yeah.

    Geselle told me the last time adam asked me if i was still les, that she'd picked up LAST year that I was, then threw her off by dating aaron. I want to know who else knew before i told them.

    adam btw came up to me after school and said guess what i'm going to ask. ok it bugs the hell out of me when he asks. Cause it doesn't change! Just like my eye color isn't ever going to change. They'll always be green. He said I know I just hate it. He hates it cause he likes me, well he needs to get over it.

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