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RiLeYbOo (raindr0psx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 13:29:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:TV...

    SoOoO HAPPY!!!!
    YAY! I'm really happy today. I love Mike. He is the greatest big brother. ;D This morning, i was downstairs drinking some water and Mike comes downstairs [its 9:00 and hes awake] and i was like "where are you going" and hes like "out to breakfast" and i was like "oh with casey?" he was like "no..with you" i was like "whaa with me???" and hes like "im not gonna leave this house without spending some time with my baby sister" and i was like "oh" and he told me to go get ready so i did..and when i went into my room there was this build-a-bear box on my bed and it had a big red bow on it..and i was all "uh what the hell is this" so i opened it and there was a card and it was like "to my baby sister, riley" and it had this sweet poem inside...and it was from Mikey!! He built me a bear!! Aww, how nice!! So at that point i was like :))) BIIIG smile. lol. And i went downstairs and I gave him a huge hug and then we left..and we took my bear named "Mr. Fudge" out to breakfast with us and it was all cOoL! and theennnnn we went to Tysons Corner mall..and I built mike a was actually a dog but whatever!! I named it "Mowee [pronounces]" I named it after Mike's first dog..who died a little while before i was born. :( I payed for Mike's bear and stuff...and then we just walked around and stuff and then we went to Sorrentos [or howeva u spell it] for lunch...and after that we went to dairy queen and stuff and i got home a liddle while ago! but i am like so happy cuz he's leavin for college again tomorrow..and i wont see him for a while..and he actually took time out of his busybusy full of friends life to spend time WITH ME! His annoying liddle sister!! AUHH!! I love him to death. he's so awesomely awesome, man/dude! LOL. Yepp...well i'm going to Leesburg Outlet Mall soon...with my cousins cuz most of em are leavin tonight...Jenn wants to buy me vans shoes..cuz she has em! =/ lol im sooo happy. well imma bounce! byezbyez! <3rileyboO

    I Love Mike. <33 You're da bestest brudder. =))))

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