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Billie Jean (rainbowbubbles) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 21:34:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    getting high or whatever that shit is
    God. I am so sick of everyone running around getting all high and drunk. I find it to be so saddening. It just seems like these people are just trying to be mature and hardcore. Or maybe they are just trying to shut out their pain, but seriously, I am so sick of it. It is such a waste. And I am sick of Carry. I can't fucking stand her sometimes. Dammit she gets offended mby fucking everything and just because I say something, she thinks that she can just throw shit in my face and feel all sad about it when REALLY, she is being the bitch. So FUCK YOU CARRY. I just wish people would stop being so horny, and adolecent, and drunk, and high. And just get a fucking life. Go out and find something to do with yourself. Build a chair, or whatever, just stop filling your system with toxins and thinking it's "okay". Because you know what??? Its fucking not. Not with me. I am fucking tired of it. It is immature, and adolecent, and adolecents are rediculously stupid. So get over your depression, and your emo bull, and all your problems. because life isn't that fucking difficult.

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2004-02-17 01:08 (link)
who is carry?? im lost. im not stupid am i?

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