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.x.**.x. (rainbowbrite2x7) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 16:01:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Untill_The_Day_I_Die__Story_of_the_year

    Well, It was funny to me...
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: I almost died last night
    X dorky sarah X: no waaayyy....
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: seriously
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: I lifted my head up just in time
    X dorky sarah X: huh?
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: I was seeing how long it wud take to suffocate myself and I was about to pass out under my pillows and blankets and I could feel it burning in my lungs and everything went almost black
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: was awesome
    X dorky sarah X: hahaha
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: no that was seriously cool
    X dorky sarah X: i am so putting that in my blurty
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: then I od'd
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: yay!
    X dorky sarah X: wth?
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: I am dead. Almost.
    X dorky sarah X: awsomeness
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: I still feel the burn
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: so I didn't go to school
    X dorky sarah X: thats mest up
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: why
    X dorky sarah X: i have to go to school and you dont...
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: ohhh well then try to kill yourself but don't suffocate
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: that shit sucks
    X dorky sarah X: i bet
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: and catch yourself before you die so u don't die
    X dorky sarah X: lol
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: cuz we don't want you dying on us here
    X dorky sarah X: fo sho
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: understand??
    X dorky sarah X: shure..ughh...why not
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: Like dip your head in a tub of water
    X dorky sarah X: haha
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: lol ur friends w/a cheerleader!
    X dorky sarah X: ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: Who wears Abercrombie and American Eagle and is really preppy!!!!!!
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: AAAHHH
    X dorky sarah X: *does an impression of a "bre" scream* AHHH!!!!!!!
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: Lol that was dorky you dorkasaurus
    X dorky sarah X: fo sho!!!
    X dorky sarah X: im eating icecream when i already have two scoops of snot in my head
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: EW
    X dorky sarah X: lol
    X dorky sarah X: kkk
    X dorky sarah X: ooo
    X dorky sarah X: ooo
    X dorky sarah X: lll
    X dorky sarah X: whats that spell!?!?!?!?!?!
    X dorky sarah X: kool *gansta lips*
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: POOP
    xQuEeN BrEaNNa x: I mean..kool
    X dorky sarah X: haha

    ohh that was luhluhy

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This is Breanna!
2003-12-08 17:28 (link)
Oh my gosh Sarah we are the funniest fucks in the world. Wow I didn't know it was that good. Ya know, my bro made a thing online called Suicide For Dummies. I will print it out 4 ya n give it to ya on Friday. Peace!

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Re: This is Breanna!
2003-12-09 16:04 (link)
I gotta see that!

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damn bitch, you look fierce
2003-12-08 18:52 (link)
you can't suffocate by putting your head under pillows and blankets. she would've blacked out, and her body gone limp which would've let the grasp go on the pillows/blankets allowing her to breathe. you also passout so your body is able to gain control and you/her would've breathed. and od'ing is lame. she should jsut shoot herself.

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