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// rAi bAbii (rai_babii) wrote,
@ 2004-06-12 02:15:00
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    // FoOk oFF (:
    hOw iM fEeLiNg // stressed.. eh.
    iM LiStEniNg tO // tO yB oX -- iCp (:

    well last night was pretty sweet. Chad came down and got me. we went to his house, then i drove (: i think i did ok.. besides my turning + parking. i need to improve that shit haha. then we went to the Lions Den and played alott of pool. i think im getting better because i so dominated in one game but then there were these other 3 games where i lost because i got the 8 ball in.. i was mad lol. Erndl got a *nEw* car. i think its pretty sweet but hes not sure if he likes it or not yet so idk. after we left there we went to Chads. his mom made us hot dogs. they were pretty good (:

    we met up w/ everyone at the Toys R Us parking lot. there were tons of cops out. we couldnt go over 45mph so it was pretty weird (: Joe came into the parking lot + slammed on his brakes so his tires were like errrr! haha. we were like "uh theres a cop right there..

    then we went to the Meadows in Duncansville. Erndl sat on a table and they flipped it so he fell.. funny stuff :D after that we went to Krispy Kreme.. + then the *nEw* Sheetz. that place is pretty sweet. got some free cake + then Burke and this kid inhaled helium + made threats to each other. it was pretty freaking funny. then i came home. fun timmes (:

    today i went to the mall + WalMart w/ my mom. i got 5 pairs of underwear from Victoria's Secret.. most of them are pink (: then i got a shirt.. its kind of small? oh well. then i got some lotion that is called 'Shimmer Me Sexy' its pretty cool. makes me look bLiNg bLiNg haha. i wanted a pink bra to match my underwear... but my mom wouldnt let me :( then we went to WalMart. we freaking got ToNs of groceries. mostly it was fruits and vegetables because my mom has high cholesterol? so she was looking for all kinds of fat free, low sugar, + basically just all around healthy food. its gay that i have to go along w/ her freaking diet + i cant get any good stuff eh. its all good though.. we still got ice cream (: none of the groceries were more than 4 bucks.. odd. we had spent like 120 at Victoria's Secret mwaha :D

    i was aggravated to the fact that we didnt see if my pictures were developed or not on account of she only has 20 bucks left? eh gay. yeah so screw the fact that shes not paying for anything that deals w/ me for the rest of her life because.. she just did ha.

    she was being gay though because she was all like "ill get you a phone card.. but then im taking your phone" and im like w t f. she said that if i dont have a job to pay for phone cards whats the point in having a cell phone. i was like "uhh i havnt complained about not having any money on my phone have i? no i dont think so. you're not getting my phone" and she made all this bull about how she wants to call my sister + what not and lalala shes gay. but *FrEe* texting for all Virgin Mobile phones thru Sunday so thats pretty sweet. yeah so anyways.. its my phone, bottom line. she has no use for it because A. she doesnt know how to use a freaking cell + B. not like anyone would call her (: im so nice i know.

    yeah so this is like the thousandth time ive tried putting this shit in here so im going to go so maybe it actually goes in. bye loves <3 rachael marie.

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