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Sarah (rahrah) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 21:47:00
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    Current mood:giddy

    love is in the air.... do do do, do do do
    Myes, Josh and I have been together for a month today and it still feels so good and right and anything else thats good. I can't believe how much I feel for him after this much time. I've never felt this way about anyone before. What I felt for Scott doesn't compare and we were together for 5 times as long.
    I cried at work because of him (Josh). I said something stupid and he took it the wrong way and I was like 'don't be angry I'm sorry' and said that a million times and of course he hugged me. I was crying (it seems to be a weakness with me. Anyone will hug me if I'm crying... that doesn't mean I did it on purpose to make Josh not angry with me anymore). I was also hell stressed. Hugh and I were meant to be working together... notice the italics. He wasn't helping me and I was getting swamped and wanted to hit something. But the point was I cried for that. I hate him being angry and especially with me.

    Uhm, what else... I don't know, nothing seems to matter except him at the moment. When I'm with him I think of how I can make him happy and when I'm not with him I'm wishing I was.

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Re: hey
2003-07-14 06:18 (link)
Thanks, sometimes I feel so wussy or weak but I'm tryin to build up my strength

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