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Brian (ragingmessiah) wrote,
@ 2004-07-31 22:17:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:"To Mandate Heaven" Poison The Well

    Relized that I'm getting screwed by work
    First of all, time for some humor. Amanda just did a sacra-lib (ad-lib, but more holy), and here's what she comes up with?

    The Miracles of Jesus

    "Jesus performed many purple miracles in his smelly life. For instance, he healed a/an coconut and drank many other squirrels who were sick. He cast out demons and sent them into a/an flamingo . In a demonstration of faith to his pocketbooks, he even walked on ketchup!

    Jesus' most shiny miracles:
    He turned water into cum at a party.
    He fed 8 people with only 5 loaves of pet and 2 gimps.
    He cured a man of dominatrix by cumming in his stomach.
    When he got angry that a table tree didn't bear fruit, he cursed it and it withered and died on the spot.
    He raised Inglebert Humperdink from the dead.

    By far, Jesus' most important miracle was this: He was resurrected after being silvery for 3 days. He said, " Ebola!," and ascended into 1313 Mockingbird Lane."

    First, I have to say, I don't think that she'll ever suffer from dominatrix. ;-) She's smacking me right now.

    But, for the real update. I'm getting screwed by my ex-work. Part of the terms of my "requested resignation" is for me to work the NJATC conference. This, in addition to my new work at Melaleuca. Friday, my alarm went off at 6am, and I got home at 11pm. Only real break I got was from the drive from campus to Melaleuca. Today, alarm went off at 7, got home at 6. Tomorrow, I don't have to go in until 10, and we got off about the same time as today. Here's where the anal-bleeding starts, my work schedule:

    M: 7am-4pm/5pm-10pm. T: 7am-? W: 7am-4pm/5pm-10pm R: 7am-? F: 7am-4pm/5pm-10pm

    Now, I have to set my alarm for two hours before I have to be there, and MWF: I won't be home until 11. So, if I'm talking to any of you all during this week and I seem short tempered and pissed-off, it's because I am! I'm not getting paid enough for working with people that "fired" me... especially since the only people I can really stand are the girls. 6.50 an hour..... what the hell was I thinking? I could be getting better pay just working extra hours at Melaleuca..... if I work it next year, I'm demanding a raise. That sounds funny.... I'm not on payroll, and I need a raise. God, I need sleep.

    I'm going to randomly pick who I vote for. I am just so sick of the political system that I'm going to treat it like the joke it is. I'm closing my eyes, and pushing a button. If it's Bush, then my wasted vote goes to Bush. If it's Kerry, then it's a wasted vote for Kerry. If I can write in a vote, I'm seriously voting for Amanda Anthony Harrell. Or John Bender. Anyone who says "Barry Manalow wants his wardrobe back" has my vote. Don't for a second think I'm joking.

    Generally, I'm just tired and pissed off. I seem to get like this every year during NJATC, but moreso this year, since I seem to be the university's personal bitch. The only think keeping my fingers moving over this keyboard is adrenaline, and I don't think I have enough to keep me going all week. But, I'll be okay. If I get too angry and pissed, I know I can vent to Amanda. I love her so much for it. She's so getting a good night out after this conference.

    But, I'm off of here. Time to give Amanda a shoulder/back rub while I still have some adrenaline running. And remember people, I will give massages to just about anyone. If anything, I can get alittle money on the side from getting my "dominatrix cured" by the university.

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2004-08-02 01:59 (link)
Brian the's fitting. One quick question, I'm assuming that when Jesus turned water into cum, it asked for a liquid. Why was this the first liquid to pop into Amanda's head? And what is NJATC? I'm stupid. If you want, I'll go work it for you...

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2004-08-02 02:16 (link)
Sorry, Trina. NJACT isn't hooking so you can't work it. You wouldn't know how!

It's this yearly conference UT hosts every year. The people who fired Brian do all the tech shit for them, which is a lot, since they're engineers ore something like that. So yeah, Brian is working for the people who fired him...for 6.50 an hour when he is making 8.50...and at times hour at his actual job. NJACT is only a week though, and it is extra money. He'll be getting a pretty sweet paycheck soon, I know that! Still, it sucks this week becasue he works so much, I won't be able to see him. I've barely seen him in the past month as it is, with my grandmother and all. At this point I'm ready for school to start back. It's less stressful than my homelife!

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2004-08-02 08:16 (link)
I found a way to stay sane, though. Most of my time is spent doing nothing here in Humanities, so I have my laptop! DVD ahoy! If anyone feels froggy and is on campus, feel free to come by! We're all wearing gay-ass grey shirts and name-tags. Get to play with a cool walkie talkie, though! And there's always the cell-phone. Don't be afraid to call me. I'll need some connection to the outside world.... besides the computer-box. If you don't have the number, just ask Amanda. I'll talk to anyone.... except the new GA (gave him a chance.... he is classified as an "asshat.")

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