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Mark (radonbacon) wrote,
@ 2003-07-04 00:39:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Boy Hits Car - Man without skin

    Journal Person
    I want to be a journal person
    i should really sit down and update more..
    i start doing that

    Got a temp job in the form of full time work. It will be great to have an income again until i have to focus on classes again. I shall be doing ticketing overnight at BJs where i will do work that involves my upper body (which i dont love enough) and wont have to deal with stupid people (heehee).

    Played EQ today with cookie and ben, went swimming with pete and ben, took care of some drug test issue where i had to prove that i was taking legal Amphetamines and came home and helped manda take care of her earache (from swimming earlier).

    We missed Rachael today. I love watching manda and Rachael, it makes me happier than ever for some reason.
    i want to play DDR with sarah and rachael and manda. I want to have more fun and lovin, there has been so much difficulty surrounding everyone and not enough lovin, i miss it.

    I have soo many things to buy for the girls when i get money.. soo many things...

    I must get another webpage started..

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be who you are
2003-07-04 10:37 (link)
i love you and my puppy loves you. wheeeeeeee!

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2003-07-04 11:40 (link)
Hey Mark guess what ????? you don't know....well your a Man grrrrrrrrr.. It is so cool that you got a job and now your working, BTW LOVIN is the best, and Mark LOVIN is even better : )

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gravy babie
2003-07-04 12:39 (link)
you are my hero! i wuvs the ground that you walk on!

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Arch matey!
2003-07-04 17:35 (link)
I wah the deck with yep swabbies! I'm gona see if I can bring over the DDR mat and we can totally play two player and I can get all better because I feel all confindent and stuff and then we can totally show it off more at the 5th mix when I make my cousins and their friends come with me. We'll have a really big party with the people and the DDR and being cool. Oh god, I'm going to get nose bleedings in excitementations! Woot! (laugh)

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Re: Arch matey!
2003-07-04 20:33 (link)
you know you want my fish face!!!

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