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Rachel (rachel_girl) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 18:20:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:Hot Water Music- Three Summers Strong

    I had a rough day, I went to the farm to gampy-sit and just sat there, and then I came home and hung out with Dave and watched the Price is Right. Some Crazy lady bid $36,000 on her show case, which was only worth $19,000, and the other guy bid a dollar because he knew she was over. *Tisk Tisk* to the crazy crack head lady.

    I cleaned all afternoon, from about 2:30 to nearly 5:00. I bleached the counters and vacuumed, and then washed all the floors with Mr clean and Dusted and cleaned the microwave and the sinks and the drains. And sorted the recycling and garbage. And did ALL the dishes you could possibly imagine... but I still dont feel better. I looked in the Mirror and saw all my gooey stomach fat again and it's disgustinng and gross and I dont understand how anyone could even look at me.

    All I ate all day was Carbs... I had a bout two cups of pasta, and glass of milk, and then I had a tamato sandwich and a glass of milk and a couple peices of french bread for supper. Ugggh... When I have diabetes, I'll know why.

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2003-08-23 09:25 (link)
Aww... poor Rachie... why do you just clean clean clean? You just bleached the counters silly! If your bored, call me or something like that? Or if you wnat, we could get together again... lol. I'm so bored, and there's nothing to do here either... it's 9:20, and the gas guys are already here, installing a gas furnace! Oh what fun!

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