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Rache (rache_mca) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 21:39:00
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    Current mood:Subdude
    Current music:U2-"With or Without You"

    I'm home alone now, with the baby of course. Sweet lil Emma finally went to sleep after crying all day long for no apparent reason, but I am the expert and got the little sucker to shut up. I don't know why my parents thought it was a good idea to leave their 15 year old daughter home alone with their 2.5 week old baby, but it's my mum's 30th birthday.

    But my day started off really awful. I went down to the stables and Tiger was acting all nervous and jumpy, and he was cold, but really sweaty, so I called the vet, and she tested him out. Apparently, he tested positive for morphine, so someone nearly killed my angel. His health check for this weekend's regionals, and obviously he didn't pass, so no regionals for us this year. It's a real pity because he was doing marvelously in all of his shows and races.

    All in all, listening U2 calms me down greatly, don't ask why. But this is one of my favy songs (intelligent people would look and see that I'm listening to "With or Without You"). It's so relaxing. That and I see the baby all nice and cozy in her basinette, and Bella is sleeping on her little doggy bed all curled up. She and I went on a 4 mile run today, so she's exhausted.

    [blows kisses]

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