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Rache (rache_mca) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 16:56:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:Norah Jones-"Come Away With Me"

    All Boredly Now...
    Emma has been crying non-stop all day. My poor mom. She is exhausted, but she has been like sitting in Emma's room all day tending to her. I guess this is her chance to do things right after me, being that I was born when she was almost 15. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be any different had I not been an "unfortunate incident" and had been an expected baby. I have to say probably.

    I didn't end up going to the dressage show because it's been kinda cold here all day. I've been hovering around the web all day, working on another web page, and finishing another one of mine. I really need to get more of a life.

    I'm also depressed because one of my best friends (who I knew in England), is moving from Hillsborough all the way to New York. Right now we are at least within driving distance, but in about 5 days we won't be. All of my misfortune.

    Everything in my life is suddenly changing, and not in a good way. It took me these last couple weeks to realize that the age difference between me and my little sister is greater than the distance between me and my mom, and it kinda freaked me out. But not only that, everything that is familiar to me is back in England. I also feel like I am thick or something because it was just the other day that I learned that to be "Knocked up" in America is some totally disturbing thing whereas in England it's to call upon someone. Oh well, I guess I don't get to choose my life.
    [blows kisses]

    Your Ever Wondering.

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