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cHiLL ouT ! (rachaxl) wrote,
@ 2003-03-12 10:37:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:none :\

    So here I am in the library at school being bored. Today has been okay I guess. Nothing special really? I hardly update in this thing, sorry. I'll try to get better about it! Anyways, I think I'm going to McDonald's after school with Jim today lol. I dunno though. Hopefully he'll ask me, Kristen, and Lisa to go lol because I don't want to go alone with him. I don't know why.. I just feel weird going out places with just Jim. He's a cool guy and all.. I just feel weird about it. Speaking of weird.. I had a crazy dream last night! I was in Will's car with Will, KC, and Liz, and we went to some party. When we got there a few guys were having a fight outside and two of the guys pulled Liz and KC out and took their seats. I knew the guy that was sitting by me though. I don't know who he has, but I knew him lol. Anyways, we drove around for awhile and then the car turned into a boat! Haha I was like "woahhh" lol and there was just a big river that we were floating in? Then the cops came and we all ran away. I told Will about it today before class and he thought it was like an omen or something lol. So that might mean no parties this weekend which sucks! KC's 18th birthday was yesterday though, so I'm sure there will be some awesome parties lol. KC is a sweetie lol I love him to death! His mom works at our school and she's really nice. I've been to their house a few times so she knows me now and she always says hi to me and sutff. Ok well I better go, the librarian is looking at me funny :x haha. Byee

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2003-03-12 18:22 (link)
Damn I wanted to party!

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2003-03-12 22:25 (link)
We will don't worry.. THERE WILL BE NO DELAY OF PARTAY! lol

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2003-03-12 18:51 (link)
Oh and ur layout is fucking awesome!! you have to keep this one for a while!

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2003-03-12 22:25 (link)
LOL I knew you'd like it ;]

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