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Rosalind (r0si3) wrote,
@ 2006-04-26 02:37:00
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    Current music:Teddy Geiger: For You I Will (Confidence)

    >> nothing tastes as sweet as what i can't have
    So these past few days have been.. amazing. I laugh for no reason, and I love it. And by laugh.. I mean spit out your drink, water thru the nose, sore sides laughter. I'm not sure when I turned so happy, but I like it. Granted, I'm still not HAPPY, but I'm happy. I guess there's different emotions to different aspects of my life right now.. and I'm okay with that.

    Anyway.. I have a boyfriend now. And I'm extremely confused by my friend's reaction (it's her exboyfriend.) She says she doesn't mind, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't. She does, however, state that it WILL be weird if we all hang out together. Which is 100% true, I completely understand this. Then she invites us with her and her family on a trip to the mountains? CONFUSION. Obviously it's not a bad type of confusion, it's just confusion.

    I hate that I'm becoming everything I tried so hard to fight. The rumors ran rampid, I denied them because they weren't true.. though they're slowly becoming true. The one thing I constantly begged all my friends for.. I have in my hands. A hundred bucks worth. It's mine, all mine. And I want it all right now. Though I'm missing something to make it better, and I'm kind of scared to handle it on my own. But I'll be okay.. I'll be alright.. I'll keep lying to myself.... but I'm still extremely happy that I have it.

    Boyfriends are cute. Cute love songs they set as your ringtone are cute. Friends are awesome. Friends that keep secrets are even awesomer. Friends coming home from long trips are awesome. Friends that can actually get you what you want despite it being wrong or bad are awesome. LYRICS ARE AWESOME. Thunderstorms are awesome. Holding hands is awesome. Cuddling is awesome. Kissing is awesome.

    I'm happy.


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2006-04-26 20:48 (link)
so your girlfriend knows that you're dating her ex-boyfriend already?
at least its a good thing that she's ok about it, or at least tries to tell you that she's ok about it.

you know, my husband, was my friend's ex-bf(they've been ex-es for 2 years then already).
she was happy for us getting together, but at the same time, she was unhappy.
because it meant that she was 1.alone 2.feeling left out/excluded by us.

maybe your friend doesnt wanna hang out with just the 3 of you. because that'll make her feel awkward. but then going on a trip with other people is still ok.
that's my guess.

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2006-04-27 06:12 (link)
Yeah.. and she's pretty chill so I think she's cool.
She already has had a new boyfrind for a while now anyway.
So I think she's good.. I just still don't understand that whole trip thing.
lol I came to learn today that it's a FAMILY trip she invited us on?
I don't know..
Maybe her boyfriend is coming?
I'm not sure.
Ah, oh well. I just happen to like how everything is going right now. :)

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2006-04-28 16:24 (link)
If your happy.
Then thats all that matters.

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