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Quinn (quinnology) wrote,
@ 2006-01-19 20:45:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:"It Sucks to be me." Avenue Q

    Well I got a job. I'll be assisting in the class room at Saturday Morning Art classes for little kids. It will be fun. How wholesome of me. I wont make much money, but it will be nice to have some spending money my mom cant monitor. My OWN money, even if its just alittle. I dont know what age group I'll be working with yet, but i'll find out as soon as I finish filling out my tax forms. Damn government stuff. I hate all these W4's and I-9's. I could be signing away my soul and I wouldnt know it.

    As far as work for next summer I'm trying to get 2 jobs. One probably at Malley's Ice Cream parlor and I might get a job at my dad's showroom. That would be nice. If not that I'll get another restaurant job. :P Whatever I can get. I put in a bunch of applications.

    All I have tomorrow is Figure Drawing at 8. I cant forget my ipod again. It was painful today getting through that class without any music. 3 hours in silence, staring at an old, naked, gay man named Francis. No kidding.

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