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Alyce (queensway) wrote,
@ 2004-10-28 19:24:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    These past few days have been successful, enlightening and just plain ol' great.

    I got a 102% on my Consumer Health MidTerm Exam. An A+ on my Ad Analysis. I got a good ass parking spot everywhere i went. I lost 7 pounds. I got the job at Express. I happened upon an interesting conversation about who else... ME! Then found some interesting shit about this character who is basically attempting to fuck every chick he can because he was the dumb one to break up with his girl and expect her to sit around thinking about his ass. PATHETIC. My hair looks beautiful. My complaints. My girl is engaged (kinda), we're throwin an engagement dinner party. Going to the strip club with my peoples: Thayer, Jolie, Laura, Bob, Randy and Toyin AND whoever else tags along. SHIT IS GOING GREAT!!! My parents are silently trippin about my study habits and the hours in which i come in but the best thing about this shit is that it is SILENT. I still owe folks money but soon that'll change. Still waiting on my other half to reveal himself to me but that's not stoppin me from having fun!!

    I better calm down before the worse shit starts to happen to me.

    holla at ya girl
    IM OUT!

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2004-10-29 22:24 (link)
aww, yay! i'm glad you're happy and things are going well with you. when mommy and daddy see you're grades maybe they'll stop trippin about your study habits because something you're doing obviously works. well, talk with you later! -LaD

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