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Lucky (queenbdub) wrote,
@ 2004-12-31 19:13:00
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    Best Nightmare
    Ashley and I went to a party at Jeremy N Bishers house. We went to Jeremys room and was watching Honey while everyone else was getting drunk. We were not going to drink at all. Well Jeremy thought it would be cute to get us drunk. And of course we had to give in to Jeremy cause he was so hott. He gave us this big ass shot of hotdamn, just saying that word makes me sick. After that we drank beer and hyp, and cyclone. We ended up getting drunk. Well Jeremy is one of those horny drunks you know the type that gets drunk and then can last forever. Since Jeremy and I have already had sex before I was the person he came to. He has always been good and all but being drunk and fucking at that time was the best ever. Jeremy and I have always been pretty good friends and we were "talking" or w/e but now its like I really like him.. or I just dont wanna give up the sex. Anyway.. we are in his room its been four hours past at least, We finally finish and go back to the party. Ashley had past out in Travis's room and her boyfriend (dumbass) had came to pick her up. Everyone left after that. With nothing to do and Travis being almost past out. Jeremy and I take a shower. After getting out of the shower and feeling so much better we go lay down. Jeremy then goes to travis's room and talks to him a little bit. next thing I knew I ran to that bathroom and got sick. Went back to the bedroom and Jeremy comes and lays down. We end up fucking agian for the 3rd time that night. After that we both went to sleep. The next day about 9ish we wake up lord knows how and well I had no clothes on so I tought I would be nice to Jeremy for a little bit. Well after I left, I didn't see him untill the next day. He was sexed-out. so I gave him a back rub for about 2 hours.. then we all left again.. It really was the best day ever with him but now it seems like we dont talk anymore unless I go over there. I think it is because he works so much and I am back in school. But I would really like to see and talk to him again. Even if he is wanting to get with April again I understand that they were together for a long time. but I dont know I just really like him and that is my nightmare that I just lost him and I cant deal with losing another one of my friends....I mean I lost them differently cause nine of them died and Im losing Jeremy to another chick so it is different but still it feels the same. Oh well as long as we are friends then Im cool with it.

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