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[simp|i.jAr] (pzeudonym) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 21:20:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:Lighthouse Family- i live my life for u

    yoz. haven been online 4 abt 6 days i tin. my emails are full of spAms. shits. i change account to filter them... now dey are back to haunt me again. great. i betta ask frank wad de shit dis spam cum from. oh goody. i gt 1 comment frm musa. oso de 2nd person to sign my guestbook. sigh* oh yah.. lin.. if u're reading dis. go to my bloody website and SIGN THE DAMN GUESTBOOK!!! LOL. nah.. i'm juz kiddin. niwaz. it's a bit screw up/ coz i did sumtin wron wif the html code and everything mess up. lazy to clear it up. hahahah. todae i ate lotsa junk food. my dad says i'm gettin skinnier. -.-" not my fault rite? i dun eat much. no appetite. bt i do stuff myself wif a bit of everything. haha. sum peanuts 4 protein. fruits 4 vitamins. chocolate 4 glucose. and the list go on and on. lol. the tv show so borin. gt nothing to do. i did dis personality disorder test few days ago. i haf sum high disorders. bt wen i re-do again. like i do properly. everythin is like moderate. lol. arggh. tml gt classes at 7.30 again as usual... hmm.. anyone wan 2 watch movie wif me?? haha. guess not. okaz. ciao

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2003-11-16 03:39 (link)
ahh cool u listening to light house.. I recoment ya high from light house.. don know if u have it.. haha.. hmm.. movie.. haha.. nice way of asking people out.. nanti u got too many reply than u can hande then u know.. hahaha btw.. dun be so negative ahh.. u said guess not... try ahh.. aproach any friends that is bored... ask him/her... i tell ya.. most probally it be a yes.. during the hols summore... :)

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2003-11-16 03:47 (link)
and btw.. before i forget.. how spam come to ur mail.. alot of ways.. they got ur email when u fill up forms online.. play games send a card or sumthing.. some are real.. unfortunately most are spams.. The also get ur info through sharewares and freewares that u might download... (spywares) well.. nothing cames 4 free rite.. how i wish that untrue.. anyway.. a simple way to advoid spam.. is to create a special mail specially 4 them.. when u fill up form or registering.. use that mail.. ur friends and families.. use a another special mail.. I guess this would help... :)

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2003-11-16 23:03 (link)
hey.. gd idea.. another email.. bt i tin i juz block em.. nt much trouble.. actuali. d movie thingy. i'm so fickle minded. one time wanna go. den later dun wanna go. hahaha. like wad me and irah said. der's nth muc teenagers can do. movie, ice-skating, bowling..

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