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Kelli (putainfromage) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 22:14:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:the sound of music-sixteen going on seventeen*

    your life, little girl, is and empty page that men will want to write on... write on.

    i totally want to watch y's night a hard da(a hard day's night, for those who don't get it). i hope my mommy got it for me for christmas.

    i took a nap today. totally. i watched some of amelie, then got a headache(no doubt from reading subtitles) and fell asleep. totally love that movie to bits. when i woke up from my nap, my mommy was there with a mocha for me. we watched oprah. that damn oprah! she went to south africa and gave every kid in this little village a new wordrobe and toy for christmas! i love her! after oprah, we got bored and decided to go to southcenter to look for my cousin's present. we thought it would be so bad there, but it actually wasn't bad. we went straight to fye to get my cousin a legolas standee thingy. that shit freaks me out, man. he looks at your with that intense 'hey, i'm legolas. everybody loves me.' attitude. you can totally tell he's wearing contacts. freaky ass elf. so we went to the toy store and got the star wars version of 'the game of life' for my other cousin. i loved it. i stood holding a legolas standee and a star wars board game, wearing my one ring. such a great geek moment at the mall. we went and got fries and milk shakes from mcdonald's and ate them there, then went back to the car. we had a pretty good parking place, too. not too far from the food court. we were driving out of the parking lot and this ass hole beetch drove through at about 35 miles per hour(in a parking lot!) and honked at us. slow down, fucker! i mean, if you're in a mall parking lot the monday before christmas, there's going to be a little traffic! the backup wasn't even half as bad as when amanda, laura, and i went. that shit was bad.

    we went and picked up my sister at work, she got off at 9:15. we got there at 7:30 because we didn't take a long time at the mall. we just sat in the car until we decided time would pass more quickly if we just shopped for groceries, so we went and shopped for about 2 hours. really slow. it was fun. the coffee grinder spat coffee at my mom. lol. it was funny.

    after we shopped, we sat in the car and talked about my mom's old job. she used to work at this burger place when she was a teenager and her boss was a huge bitch. she made her lock up at 3 in the morning. she beat her kids. she wrote my mom bad checks. she was just a huge bitch. one day, when her boss was hosing down the parking lot, the water splashed up onto her own legs. lol. she wore leg make-up, so she looked like a lepor(sp?).

    my mom told someone that i want the anthology for christmas, but she didn't know how much it cost. lol. i'd be happy if that was all i got. just that. ...and y's night a hard da. love that fucking movie. my mom didn't know it wasn't the beatles voices in yellow submarine. she didn't know. neither did my dad. crazy old people. she told me that hearing that from me was like hearing there's no santa clause. lol. crazy!

    i have to go and finish amelie. i love the ending. it's the best part of the movie, when she's cooking and imagining what's his face. it's so sad... then, he comes and it's all shy and pretty and she goes to her room and sees... okay, i have to go and watch. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


    *favorite part of the movie

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2003-12-25 14:25 (link)
dude, i was at south center on monday too! probably at the same time as you...

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2003-12-25 16:26 (link)
lol. crazy.

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2003-12-25 20:08 (link)
it's a sign, i'm supposed to to stalk you! i should call you, on the phone! but i wont since it's christmas, maybe tomorrow.

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2003-12-25 21:09 (link)

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2003-12-26 14:07 (link)
i should call you on my new cell phone. i love my grandma, get online, i'm bored and lonely!

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