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Kelli (putainfromage) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 18:14:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:spice girls-viva forever

    both of us were dreamers, young love in the sun...(damn these spice girls!)
    so, it's friday. thank god. school. ugh. i am caveman now.

    first period:
    french. got %100 on the oral thingy(that sounded naughty!) and we took a quiz. i think i did pretty well on it, but i was kinda freaked out about eliza watching me almost all period. good times, though. i have to remember to make her the velvet goldmine cd! first i have to find it, though. i lost it, and this morning, i resorted to listening to my daniel bedingfeild cd.

    second period:
    math. ms escame lied to us when she said we'd have a quiz today. tricky, ms escame! very tricky! actually, she postponed it until monday when the environmental science academy bitches come back. i missed gordon today and yesterday. no sarcasm. bah.

    evidently, i won't make a very good spy. damn. oh well, i can allways be a prostitute. lol. yeah right.

    third period:
    we did stuff in groups all was pretty boring until somebody in my group started reading the grafitti written in the books. apparently, two people must have shared the book. they were fighting in words. it's funny. there was something like 'your mommy's a buttface'. lol. i wrote some lines from velvet goldmine on my bookcover(which is black) in pencil. i can see it. nobody else can. it's like magic! and i like it...

    fourth period:
    tolerence movie. werd. just werd. why can't people just stop being stupid and just co-exist?

    did you see all of the big words i used in that? i'm shocked and disarayed at my choice of words. jesus. anyways, i think i'm going to lose this if i write any longer. fucking computer is messing up. bye bye bye, see you on the line, i'm GONE...


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2003-09-13 18:29 (link)
i didn't watch you while you were taking the test, i thought that might distract you.

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2003-09-13 19:51 (link)
lol. sure...

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