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Laurelie (purplecrayon3) wrote,
@ 2004-03-06 11:57:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:"Monkeys live up in trees. Monkeys have furry knees."

    I don't know why, but I find Making Fiends really amusing. Ah, that's because it is.

    Yesterday, Steve presented his I-Search paper in English. A 15ish minute presentation on "Why is Sex Fun?". It was utterly hilarious. He discussed fruit fly sex, chimpanzee sex, and how humans are different: human females don't have some sort of physical sign acting as a billboard for the male that reads," I'm ovulating. Please have sex with me." Seriously!! So of course, Chelsea made a sign reading such to go with Steven's picture relating to the 'Doing Yourself' article he altered. Nice. Bryce, Chelsea, Steven, Stacie, Whitney and I were practically wetting ourselves for at least 20 minutes! We HAD to show Brooke, Leelee, Wellman and of course Steve after school because it was that classic. Steve said,"Well I think girls should go around with a sign that says,'I'm ovulating. Please have sex with me.'" No, Steve, you moron. We REALLY wanted to post it all on Mrs. Anderson's door- which made us laugh even harder, but we thought that wasn't the smartest idea ever.

    Yes. An inside look at what exactly it is we do during Mr. Lang's class. Rated R magnetic poetry-Steven, a "broader German vocabulary" on Google-everyone, Making you Gia, and twisting everything anyone says to make it really bad, thus probably relating to sex.

    Many thanks go to Gia this week for aiding me in my ode to KPO4, and giving me Beatles, Wallflowers, and Simon and Garfunkel cds!!

    Also, a special thanks to Leelee for all the great fun at Hart field, and helping me go farther than I think I can.

    And a nice note to me mum for buying me food so I don't die. And I think the poptarts had LSD in them. :) Tasty. Pantsu! Uh, yeah. Definitely LSD. And my new friends: Sock-Monkey-Mitten-Men.

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Wow, I actually remembered my account information for this thing!
2004-03-07 10:22 (link)
First of all, Steve didn't say he thinks girls should wear a sign that says, "I'm ovulating, please have sex with me" It was " I 'm ovulating, please screw me" Yeah, real appropriate.
Secondly, Despite the drama expressed through livejournal, it is better... People actually read it. What is the point in having this if only about one person who reads it regularly matters (I'm assuming Lee reads it, cause that person is not me, though I do read it occassionally).
Thirdly, Let's talk on the phone for 8 hours about nothing today. I'll call you in 2 and a half hours....
Fourthly, bye.

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