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Laurelie (purplecrayon3) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 12:31:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:Smile by AFI (in my head of course)

    Oh, meine gute! HA! Firewalls can go to hell!!! Beat that.
    Anyways, Footloose rocks my socks off. SO LOVELY. Especially when the house DOESNT swing and they attempt to STOP the windows from swinging. :) DONT HIT THINGS THAT ARE SUSPENDED ON F***ING PIPES!!! (Yes, the good beer commie.) I am going to miss it though. Got to meet Leelee's friends Skyler and Travis.

    Yes Travis, I now understand your question. In regards to the Internet, then yes, I am Laureli. And yes, it did take me about 16 hours to realize what the hell you were talking about. Two weeks without adequate sleep leading me into a deeper level of mental psycosis renders me pretty much incapable of anything above auto-mode. In addition to the fact that I hadn't met you before yesterday, making the idea of Blurty obsolete.

    Lee- I just watched the coolest vegetarian show in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! There was this really awesome Chinese man with a real accent, and his name is Mr. Yan. What makes it more amusing, is that is Megan's alias. For some strange reason, her little Odyssey chums called her M. Ryan, for Meg Ryan, since they have the same name. Now move the dot. You now have Mr. Yan!!!! Sheer genius!

    Brooke- Keine LJ fur mich, aber, ich bin toll auch! HAHAHAHA! Auch, keine Englisch sprechen naturlich!
    Greg hat eine Lendentuch- loincloth!! (Superman) Bahhh! I am happy that you can go to see your lover again, for the last time, but just beg Meyer for the tape. Oh, look how I just made that really not good. ;)

    GIRLIES- THERE IS ANOTHER TRIBUTE TO MY COLLECTIVE LOVE ON CH.7, MITTWOCH, 8 ODER 9 UHR!!!!! Oh, Georgie how I love you, and how I wish Yoko hadn't given you cancer. Yoko, I will personally be in hell to kick your ass!! Maybe I can find Jude's son and marry him. Yes, I want to marry you because back in the day, your grandfather was a sexy beast! Now THAT is a very MARVY IDEA!!

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