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Laurelie (purplecrayon3) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 12:57:00
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    GRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh, and damn the holidays- 'family reunions'
    Some people drive me crazy. I was going to make myself lunch b/c I didn't feel like eating turkey, so I heated up some green bean stuff. I asked Barry if I could put some more crunchy onions on it since there wasn't very much, and he was just like, "I already put in more than the recipe calls for. You don't need any more....". Yes, that 5 cents worth of food I planned on using is really going to impact you- no, it really doesn't matter. And then he got really pissed off when I said next year I wanted to go to my grandparents house where they use lots. "You better catch us bus there then b/c you're not eating here." Just freaking spectacular!! We are always going to Jessi's grandparents' houses [obviously Barry's parents], but it's just too freaking difficult to go see mine. It is no one's fault they aren't the best buddies in the world- hey, if I was Barry I prolly wouldn't get along with them that well and vice versa b/c both sides are a different kind of crazy. I think, [and Barry's step-mom thinks] that he is a crazy control freak. WHY ARE THEY GETTING MARRIED IF THEY HAVE SUCH HUGE PROBLEMS WHERE BOTH OF THEM ARE YELLING SO MUCH THEY PUSH EACH OTHER TO THE BRINK OF MADNESS?????? "All relationships have ups and downs." Yeah, cool. Now I want to remain single or emotionally cold enough to say "yeah, you're a fucking pyscho" and move on with life. I don't think I'm that bad off for not having a male role model other than the occasional influences of my grandfather. It's not like I have been sitting here wishing for one. Especially when I hear things like "Gays should be/ should have been segregated -AIDS" and "Not believing in a higher power is nieve." etc.

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