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kaitlyn ♥ (punkl0s3rkm) wrote,
@ 2004-01-20 19:54:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:breathing-- yellowcard

    your not my fucking lover
    Happy Birthday Mae, Prane, + Jessica.. whee. ok. wow. alot of peoples birthday's are in january FUCK. Prane liked her gift :]<3 and brittany made me walk around school with a happy birthday bag! haha. its like 'kaite, its your birthday, happy birthday...' anyways so i finally got brittany's locker combo and put it in her locker. xD. hehe. yeap i had a TEST in every subject but Mrs. Crowe was the best she let us take it tomarrow <3 yaya! i hope i did good on my science test :[... and... :::thinks::: ehm yeah lunch kevin and BAM came in .. sam's like yoo its 'BAM' then i look and kevin is at my table giving out basketball stuff. so yeah then 'BAM' walks bye and i was guna say hello to him but i missed him cuz i was talking to kevin! FUCKK! so ehm yeah then social studies i had a test... duh.. and it was effin EASY. wow. and i ___ didn't study haha! yeap. and robbies going to write his suicide note??? he said it's going to say : hello mom, dad, +and brother i love you but ms scalese and ms l i HATE you! look what you did to me? its all because of you! BYE i love you. ~robbie. haha. so then i stayed after with brittany... yeap... we cleaning her locker and sara came... haha... SARA YOU OWE ME $10... yes well i think i am off... ?? ok laytor.

    i can feel you breathing
    and its keeping me awake.

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im the boogie MAN.
2004-01-22 17:26 (link)
ya i remember that day! u were like HI? im like what? oh HI

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FU and FU and FU
2004-01-24 16:37 (link)
FU and FU and FU gayrod
i think i said enuf lol

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Re: FU and FU and FU
2004-01-26 14:20 (link)
i kno who both of you are! rofl.
i love you guys!<33 KAITE[pilyb]

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