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kaitlyn ♥ (punkl0s3rkm) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 12:29:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:made to measure-- my ruin

    One size does not fit all
    hey, yeah well its like 12:30 and we don't have school AGAIN. YAY! i am bored yeah my brother is bored too cuz he's playing this gay ass cartoon show dressed like clowns running around singing the same thing. god. its so fucking anoyying. ehm yeah yesterday i went to kev's n slept over, it was cool i guess we didn't go to sleep till 2. haha. then he drove me back home @ 9 cuz he had to go to practice. yeah i miss my sexy pete. PETE, i love you with all my BLACK heart<3. alex gave me some of the pictures from her sweet 16 i look so... weird haha. i was suppose to scann it but i didn't RAWR. haha. it is FREEZING outside. yep. also i was talking to my parents about what i am doing about my sweet 16 and she said i could go on vaction like flordia or california :) and i can invite a few people. :]. if i can i am guna invite-- brittany, shannon h, + maybe stephanie. yeah i dunno yet or i might just have a party with all of my friends. well tommarow is brittany christine's birthday :] hehe. <3 good day.

    p.s -- i am taking pictures of pete on tuesday... <3 yaya you
    guys get to be the 1st to see my sexy LOVER!<33 yummahh

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2004-01-16 15:30 (link)
whee XD

(Reply to this) (Thread)

2004-01-16 16:09 (link)
whee??? what is "whee" about...?

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2004-01-16 20:28 (link)
i dont get 2 go 2 flordia wit u. :( u made me sad.

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2004-01-17 13:35 (link)
hah, u suck.

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2004-01-17 15:56 (link)
how do i suck?

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2004-01-17 16:22 (link)
no he does because he cant go. it was a reply to his not urs silly hobo. XP

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