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Kacie (punkher4life) wrote,
@ 2003-12-12 15:59:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:HAHA drunk..yea that'll be the day


    Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

    You made it through the flick, but, um, it's not a pretty picture. You're the bloody heap in the corner who everyone thought was dead until you stumble into the hero's arms after the bad guy bites it (think Jamie Kennedy in Scream). You are a smart and fiesty person, but you're also a little reckless and you tend to put yourself in awkward positions -without a good weapon. But even though you get sliced up a bit, you get to survive and that's all that matters. Who needs all those toes, ears, and arms you'll be missing by the end of the flick anyway?

    Girls SUCK!!! just thought Id say that, caz I agree with all you guys. They are stupid. Granted I may be one. they do suck and are totally uh STUPID!

    Anyways, Matt and Biscuit are buildin a kick A$$ half pipe with a sweet roll. The roll at first was way to high and they thought they would fly into the tree. But Biscuit fixed it today while we were at school. He skipped to work on a half pipe! haha.. Natalie was over there a lot helping out. The only help I did was draw on it a picture of the half pipe and Matt dropping in on the roll and flying up into the tree. Its a cool drawing! I put my two cents in that they should soak the wood to bend it. And I gave them the smart idea to soak them in the pool.

    That turned into a marathon for MATT! NEW EXTREME SPORT- RUNNING ON PLYWOOD IN A POOL.. It was pretty fun I did it a couple times.. Funniest thing tho. DOG RUNNING ON PLYWOOD IN A POOL.. We put Roxy, Matts dog on the plywood it was funny. She just stood there would move a little but we kepy blocking her from jumping to the edge. She didnt run across to me like we wanted. Matt got the smart idea to help her out and they started to sink and Matt says,

    "Save yourself Roxy!!" as he jumps to the side..
    Biscuit says, "Your dogs gonna drown!!"
    It was classic. She jumped to the side and was a little wet. But Biscuit got incriminating evidence of the whole experiment. He took a picture of Matt running across it, and a picture of Roxy on it. Just for a little black male. Caz his Dad would kill him for having the bright idea of soaking the plywood in the pool.. coughthatwasmyidea!cough...

    Tonight! We are doing a traffic stop with the Sebastian cops! We being the members of S.A.D.D. Its gonna be awesome! We get to pass out things to the people who are not drinking and driving. Just a warning to all! If you plan on drinking tonight.. which you shouldnt be anyways.. dont drive on Barber at all!!! We get to bring food to the cops before they go out. Im anxious to see if they are really fat like all the stereotypes.. I bet they arent but someone is bringing in Donuts as a snack! haha They might just laugh at it. Im bringing in Brownies I just finished making.

    Me and China are gonna hang out though! Im going late so we can. I could stay til like 1:00a.m. But I have a canned food drive thing to help with early tomorrow. But tonight will be fun!!!

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2003-12-15 19:30 (link)
Damn i give you props for thinking of that idea. Good job. Sooooo theres a mini ramp near by?

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