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Laurel (punkd_out_gurly) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 22:04:00
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    Blurty Virgin
    What is happening in my new blurty community? Nothing much I suppose. I'm a blurty virgin :-[. Hopefully this doesn't hurt too much ;)

    So. Just got back from visiting Jake in Chicago yesterday. It was a sad day. I like him so very much. Its rough knowing the only guy you really like, you can't have. Oh well. It'll pass, I guess. So...wait...before I just start writing, I guess I should say a little about me. That way I'm not a first date hoe. Plus, when I start talking about some one, I want everyone to be properly informed.

    My name's Laurel and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have a brother named Danny and a friend named Dan. That's how they'll be referred to. My 15 year old is Travis, however there is another Travis who has no tagline. There's an ex boyfriend Aric and another one named Keving. friends are Laura, Jessie, and Jess. Jessie's boyfriend is Pauline Blowass and there is another Paul with no tagline who is dating Jen. (Ha, your gonna need to make a map to follow all this) Laura has an anger problem but I love her for it, Jess has a flirting problem, Jessie is veird, ya? (hehe, sorry) and I'm a bitch! Ha, not really. But I have problems of my own so who am I to criticize?

    Aight, well, I'll write more later. Some one just bummed a ride off me. Ha. Oh, one more thing. I'm courting a very nice guy named Bill. :) Later.

    Mood: Happy
    Music: Some comedy show on TV

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