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Presto Thompson (punk_n_drublic) wrote,
@ 2005-11-26 09:30:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:GWAR-Baby Raper

    Gonna Die!
    This last weekend was crazy.

    Rolled and allmost died. Took 4 and 1/2 of those bastards. Explored the depths of a citgo bathroom for hours. I blacked out in J-ville and awoke in Searcy. Kicked it with guy and rolled. Toar apart my door looking for Ice Cream, no luck, doors still fucked up.

    Got super inebreahated with Michelle. T's got the trust in me. Blacked out with no success of vomiting and Everyone's gone. I awake with dreadlocks, hmmmm?

    Brian went to Meme's house with us for thanksgiving and we were fryed. We smoked a bliza b/f we left and a joint on the balcony. We ate like monsters and laughed about everything. My 96 yr old grandmother told me to keep it cripin and it was hallerious. We went to Russelville that night and it was madness. Brian got pulled over and we were smokin Brian's first baby at the time. The window's were down and the cop wasn't a complete retard so we thought we were fucked. He gave B-Rye a speeding ticket and he made us poor out the beer. It's all good, we didn't go to jail for the large amount of drugs that we had and we got to keep the vodka and boons farm hidden in the floor board. We were so happy to have retained our freedom that we did all the stuff we had!. We went and met up with some crazy bitch and it's all a blurry madness after that. Naked, X, Dancing, Coke, Black Bra, Colors, Black Out, Confused, I love You...ect...that's all I get. Whoooooo, what a night!

    My leg hurts and my cast comes off in 3 days, I wonder what that means? Oh well, time to get on the grind and collect....later!

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2005-11-28 22:15 (link)
britney had a her baby 2-day it was a baby boy and it weighed 5 lbs. and its probly all messed up cause she was doin all kinds of drugs and stuff whil she was pregnant. crazy.

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2005-11-30 17:59 (link)
that is crazy

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2005-11-30 13:14 (link)
Hey bro, sorry i missed you over thanksgiving break. I had family down from california and mom was her usual bitching self so i didn't get much of anything accomplished. God news is I'll be back next friday. Sounds like you've been having a pretty good time though! Take it easy and i'll see ya soon... Lova ya man.


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2005-11-30 17:58 (link)
looking forward to seeing u. I have a myspace account now. My name is Clockwork Punk. See ya soon.

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