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Presto Thompson (punk_n_drublic) wrote,
@ 2005-10-17 17:50:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Mike Jones-Grandmawww

    Random Events
    Thrursday night Donny came over and Michelle and Jarod went with us to the liquor store. We got goofy drunk and I went to work. DB slept in my car and i took him to community service that morning.

    Friday night we partied hard at BJ's. When I say hard I mean hard. We took a bunch of pills, drank way too much, and it was nuts. Zanax, Methadone, Jarod and Michelle puking, made me drive really fucked up for no reason while they slept in the back, fuckholes! I missed the marching comp. Saturday b/c of that. Chase was kinda dissapointed but he knows me so he knows dissapointment.

    I was pissed Saturday so I went driving. I ended up at BJ's after trying to ram two people off the freeway. I had previously dropped a bunch of IMPORTANT shit off the top of my car and had to walk three blocks with a flashlight to recover it, needless to say I was very pissed. I was gonna find chase and make the missing of the comp. to him but he was busy, big surprise. If I woldn't have been able to find BJ that night I would've killed something. We kicked it alone and smoked like 17 blunts. I miss matt, he's in Macray making money. He was allways there but now he's working, it's better for him. BJ and I went to the gas station really fucked up twice (once for crispitos and such, and the second time for ice cream and they were both worth it. We finally passed out watching G4 TV and I woke up to a shotgun that was bad ass, it's the best way to wake up. We ate some old ass pankakes and romed the streets of LR for no reason.

    Mikki and I went see Dr. Chud and it was bad ass. The show was amazing. They brought him out on a streacher and we got to kick it with them after the show until like 1am until I had to go to work. The guartist safty pinned live worms all across his lip. He was the first person to talk to us from the band too. When I split up all the cola I saw all his excess blood all over, that's punk rock. I went to work and don't remember much thanks to a dear friend of mine named methadone.

    Now Brian, Jarod, and I are going to work at the Haunted house on Redmond rd. I'm a vanpire monster, yeahhh!

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