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AngelAshy (punk_angel_ashy) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 16:40:00
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    Current mood: amused

    hum lets try this again shall we!
    alright well i tried ta post an entry in here like 5 minutes ago and it didnt work and if it does end up working im gonna feel really stupid :s neways I posted in here yesterday and 2 dudes added me like I was saying I only have 2 guys on my friends list and I'd really like ta have more ^_^ so heres why u should add me

    - Im nice
    - I comment ALOT
    - and....I really want u ta add me

    alright heres sum of my favorite bands

    - coal chamber
    - disturbed
    - linkin park
    - simple plan
    - Reveille

    alright so theres why u should add me :) and btw even if u arent a dude u can still add me I love having new friends and like I said I comment alot so I need lots of ppl ta comment! :D yeah btw I dont care how old u are age doesnt matter u can still add me and I dont care if u do tYpe LyKe DiS AiGhT lol so yeah just add me if u want thanks ^_^

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2003-06-28 17:10 (link)
hellllo. i have added you :] hee. i like yer background. carebears <333 ^.^

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2003-06-28 17:59 (link)
hehe thanks :D I love the carebears :D btw I added u too :) <3 ^_^

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2003-06-28 18:37 (link)
I love ur backround..carebares rock! i almost bough this really huge stuffed animal of one when i was in the cd store the other day..but i told myself im 16 yrs old do i really need to waste my money on a oversized stuffed animal? lol so i didnt buy it..but i still want it..haha im such a dork

xO xO

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2003-06-28 18:43 (link)
hehe thanks! and aww yeah I know what u mean im 16 amd im like omg i still like the care bears! my b/f makes fun of me alot for it lol but oh well I want sum care bear stuffed animals too :D

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2003-06-28 20:30 (link)
hi i saw u reposted on that girls journal adorkable and i wasnt sure if you were tlakin to me or not so n e way if u were post me back on mine please carebear4u
i also have a journal for my stories that 1 is youngnhopeless4
well TTFN

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