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AngelAshy (punk_angel_ashy) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 00:48:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:coal chamber- dark days

    ew hehe so Ash ^_^ made me some icons :D this one is Jasons body *drools* haha and she made me some more cute ones lol I love her shes awesome! *hugs*

    neways so taday wasnt to bad I had a water ballon fight *dont ask* and then I went four-wheeling for a lil while :D and I havent talked ta Jason yet and its almost 1 am :( so that more than likely means we wont be talkin so about this while cheerleading thing coach called again taday they canceled tryouts until august so I can still tryout if I want and I really dont know if I wanna cuz Jason doesnt seem ta want me to at all I was talkin ta Cedric about it and he was like who cares what jason thinks! *haha jealousy* lol I think its kinda funny b*cuz I do care what Jason thinks cuz hes my man and Cedric just doesnt seem ta realize that I showed him my icons the ones of jason he was like thats jason? I was like yeah he goes psht I aint worried I know I look better *grrrr* he does not! lol neways enuff about that shyt

    so lets see tamorrow I might go shopping :D or maybe i'll have ta wait til next weekend but I have ta start school shopping soon *ewww I hate the word school!* neways I'm gonna go comment some more oh yeah im thinkin of doin a coal chamber layout wutcha think? much love

    <3 Ash

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2003-06-28 12:09 (link)
oO jasons got a nice bodyy... ;] lucky you.

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2003-06-28 15:15 (link)
lol yeah he does have a nice body ^_^

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2003-06-28 13:04 (link)
water ballon fights kick ass.

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2003-06-28 15:16 (link)
haha yeah they do! :D

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2003-06-28 13:11 (link)
water balloon fiqhts are friqqen the best lol uqh school shoppinq ahh lol i styll qot 2 months lol =))~ xOx

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2003-06-28 15:16 (link)
aww lucky u :( lol I only have next month a few weeks in august maybe just a week in august *faints* I guess its were school lets out in may for us I ono but yeah lucky u!

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