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AngelAshy (punk_angel_ashy) wrote,
@ 2003-06-13 23:43:00
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    Current mood: good

    not to bad of a day
    eh so taday didnt suck to bad :P I hardly did anything at all thou o.O woke up took a shower watched tv played sum games excercised ate dinner...well all i wanted was the rice that we had ^^; and hum yeah thast about it lol pretty damn boring I was gonna go four-wheeling cuz I havent been since like Sunday but I didnt realize how late it was getting until like 10:30 then it was to late bleh I havent talked ta Jason yet I dunno if I will tanite I doubt if hes even off of work yet and when he does get off he'll deffinatly be tired more than likely neways ^_^ we talked for a pretty long time last nite ^_^ I'm glad I missed talking ta him :)

    newho -_- its time for my *cough* ta start >< any day now I'm suprised I didnt start taday my stomache has been bothering me and I know when I do start I wont feel like doing any excercises for a few days bleh oh yeah so yesterday I told Cedric that I had a dream about him and told him what it was about and all he pretty much said was "Okay" and he said that he isnt mad at me and that what he asked me was wrong so he didnt blame me if I was mad at him.......weird eh? yeps newho I guess I'll go comment after I change inta night clothes ^_^ Much Love

    <3 Ash

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2003-06-14 12:22 (link)
hey. care if i add you to my friends? =)

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2003-06-14 21:46 (link)
I dont mind ^_^ I'll go ahead and add u too

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