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Brittney (psychostalker13) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 23:39:00
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    Current mood: lonely

    no one is here to talk
    WTF it's only midnight and nobody is online!!!!! ITS SPRING BREAK!! EVERYBODY SHOULD BE ONLINE!!! haha well i'm sure people are online ... just nobody that wants to talk to me heh heh. All of my frendz are probably out getting shit faced and im stuck here all alone...Nini is out watching the jesus movie with her mama and im all sure is lonely being all alone...well i got dumped was a semi-short relationship this time though. hahaha i mean really if you r gonna dumb me have a reason AND evidence to prove it! U STUPID FUCKER I WAS NOT CHEATING ON U WITH TOMMY!!! althogh now i wish i was! i dunno why it makes me so mad... maybe because i could have cheated on him with tommy if i really wanted to...(yea right maybe NOT I MEAN I HAVE NO MOTHER FUCKING CHANCE WITH THE LIL FUCKER SO YOU ARE JUST SHIT OUTA LUCK MUTHA FUCKA) i have paint all over my hands cuz ive been painting yay!!! i love being add that way im not pissed off for very long lol hahaha yea right i wish i had add although i act it sometimes i sadly dont have it to back up the stupid shit i do and say.oh btw the party i had a while back was pretty awesome i guess...i didnt get shit faced...maybe a lil tipsy but not shitfaced sadly...Will has a new gurl which i am proud of him for GOOD JOB WILL!!! JD is a sweetheart u better not be mean to her! :-D Jakey POO!!!! haha he is my buddddddy haha i wish he was my buddy cuz we would have fucked already lol haha cum to think of it i wish alotta guys were my buddy. HAHAHA I WISH TOMMY WAS MY FUCKING FUCK BUDDY YOU MUTHA FUCKER!I HATE DANCES i dunno why the fuck im going to prom...heh i guess cuz i have a lotta frendz going...heh frendz...what is a frend? im not even sure if i have frendz n e more...Nin is my frend i guess...but she thinks im a a lotta my so called frendz...moo is my frend...but she is in china...well at least these people here in c ville that are pretending to be my frend are nice to sorry for being a whore everybody...although i dont think im a whore ... therefore im not a whore...because u are what u believe you are...and so i guess if you believe that you arent something...then you're know how they say that you can be whatever u wanna be...thats the biggest bullshit i have ever herd...i wish i was smart...i wish everyone wouldnt think i was a whore ... not that i care what they think it just pisses me off...i feel frankie from the real world...i understand why she does it...i guess it is best for her to stop...but it is hard to stop...i know it is hard to stop...but i did it so she can why doesnt everbody just stop...stop being fuckers (unless you're fucking me) haha but isnt very nice to call people whores when they aren't whores...if i had sex with everyone i wanted to then i would be a whore but i dont so i cant be i've gone from happy to mad to blah to sad...hahaha im a fuckin mood machine just poppin 'em out by the minute. i wish my phone would ring...i hate being lonely...these jolley rancher jelly beanz suck...hmmmm lemme think of sum good news so i can start the cycle all over again! lol ummm i got my ears pierced again (woohoo a big acomplishment for me...the pperson with no life...that cant get n e thing pierced...or go out at all... or n e thing) lol well NIN is here im gonna go MML l8r

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2004-04-08 00:25 (link)
shutup u turd lol ur not whore!

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