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Brittney (psychostalker13) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 19:58:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:gay Brittney Spears shit

    Nobody loves me everybody hates me i think i'll go eat sum worms...I luv you Nin i'm sorry and I luv you too kitten i dont mean to doubt you guys im just paranoid. i luv you guys...i'm so lonely...and confused...i wish someone would call me haha...i've sed that shit b 4.i'll try to be nice from now on but i cant promise n e thing cuz when i get pissed i like to write to release my sorry...i probably just made more people hate me haha but oh well it doesnt matter n e more...l8r

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2004-04-14 11:19 (link)
what the hell is your deal dear... you messed with your best friends ex and now you are sad that you have no one to talk to ... wow you are a fucking basket case huh... well i dunno i can be too so dont feel bad about that being crazy i mean ... but dont mess around with every guy ok really you could get something.. like a kid.. and if you plan to mess around make sure that you are protected bc you dont wanna baby and you might wanna get yourself tested bc you messed around wit some questiuonable people......... also be nice to your friends dont screw them over .. you really already have with two people i just hope that one of them can forgive you... bc hte other one already has lke amillion times... and you need to only date guys that you like not just random guys that like you ... yiou need more friends than lovers..

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2004-04-14 21:19 (link)
listen i dunno who the fuck you are...u are probably my sister but whatever aand i dunno how you know shit about me cuz i dont fuck round with ever random guy and who is my best frendz x that i messed with??? whatever i dunno i guess i just dont like hearing shit from people i dunno and btw i havnt fucked everyone and the people i have fucked ive used protection every fucking time so back off i'm not stupid enough to get pregnant ... i guess thanx for the advice though you're only trying to help i guess but dont cum bitching at me when u dont know me or i dont know u

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2004-04-15 19:07 (link)
oh yea thanx for thinking that was i don't have the balls myself to say something like that to me, if it was me...u'd know it

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