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Jonathan Davis (prozac_king) wrote,
@ 2003-05-22 16:38:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Cold-Suffocate

    first post
    Found Deven, but i don't think she wants to talk to me.
    She is being really quite. We had a fight and she moved out.
    I miss you baby.

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i'm sorry
2004-09-15 04:19 (link)
dear prozac_king, i feel that i may be making a big mistake by writing this, but at the same time i am compelled to speak out.
my heart breaks when yours does, my eyes see what yours do, i am trapped, and don't know how to get out. maybe i've lost my sane mind, and all that is left is a feeling of loss, or maybe i've finally come to the realization of nothing is as it seems, and all i can do anymore is hope and dream, but if all of my hopes are crushed, and my dreams fail me, i will stay forever in this mess. i wish you all of the happiness my heart will i am trying not to be selfish, and not to wish to have something that isn't mine. i am trying to accept that everything is as it should be, that while you find happiness, i am fighting off feelings of resentment and disappointment. even though this may all be in my head, it seems so real. i wish i could explain this better, but i'm afraid that you wouldn't understand. i am almost to the point of refusal to give up, but the way this presents itself, it's as if it's the only way.... to let go.

i guess i'll see you next lifetime........

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