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Prometheus (prometheus1) wrote,
@ 2004-11-18 12:46:00
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    Faux Pas of the week.....
    Just thought that I'd write about a certain humurous incident that occured last week. During one of the really boring meetings/get-to-gether's of the building association we did something unexpected-- we had a good laugh.

    We were at the residence of an old gent, and as the meeting started off, he complained of the presence of cracks in the marble flooring. If he had started to see cracks, its quite possible that we might see them at our homes too. So everyone looked the stark floor for those un-mistakable fissures.

    Once it looked like everyone had had their fill of 'cracks' for the day, everyones gaze moved upward slowly. Sensing this oppurtunity, and reading the sign as a go-ahead, one resident started to voice out his complaint.

    He complained of hearing loud thuds and 'banging' noices--as he put it delicately-- from the penthouse just above his flat. He thought that the bachelor living upstairs was operating a gym, especially during the nights. One smart alec, sensing the chance for repartee replied-- "He's recently married".

    Knowledge dawns slowly... and sometimes in painful ways. Realising the obvious Faux Pas that he had committed, he looked for an emergency exit. Everybody else suddenly, seemed to realise the obvious necessity of scouting for fissures. Six pairs of eyes suddenly started to scan the floor in the hope of finding those darned elusive cracks, that were trying to hide from out watchful gazes.

    S i L e N c E...............

    Prevailed for the next 5 mins or so......:D

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2004-11-18 05:05 (link)
LOLsssssssssssssssssss :)

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2004-11-18 05:15 (link)

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2004-11-18 08:24 (link)
why do you want to dignify people's comments by being enraged over it? why not just brush it off like a pesky mosquito and forget about it? cool down, take a deep breath! stupid comments are not worth spending energy over!!! :-)

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