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Priscilla Ichijouji (professor_priss) wrote,
@ 2003-04-12 11:25:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:DDR ~ Moonlight Shadow

    Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :(
    I met a new teacher today. Her name's bara_kami. She was like, all nice and stuff, but why can't I shake the feeling that she's also out to kill me? I mean, having sensui_yuri on my case all the time was bad enough, but TWO OF THEM???? And this one reminds me of Lady Devimon! SHE'S SCARY!!!!!!1

    I'm getting really anxious, now. I mean, not only am I living in mortal danger of being murdered by those damned Hadesians who want my job, but now zurvan_palazzo's being stalked by UGLY PEOPLE!!!!

    Grrrr, I should have just stayed in my own fandom...*sniff* at least there aren't any really ugly people there. (Unless you count T.K. And I do.)

    But anyway, why do the people here hate me? I'm the Digidestined of Kindness! I love EVERYBODY!!!! Prof. Palazzo's been very nice to me (hehe, he's so CUTE~!) Headmistress Mary's always nice, and I love my students! But the rest of this school is full of MEANIE-JERKS!!! >:[

    I can't wait for this dumb Sorting to be over so I can go back to my suite and sulk. Or maybe throw a party for the Flammasaris. I mean, geez, I can't get all angsty! It's my first day on the job! WHAT WOULD KEN THINK OF ME???? (Oh, yeah. Nevermind.)

    Grrrr, this is almost enough to make me go hunt down Yukio Oikawa's descendent and become the Neo-Digimon Kaizer! Or SOMETHING!!!!!!

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You poor dear.
2003-04-12 12:10 (link)
You can't let people like that get to you. Remember, they're just jealous!

Don't worry about the ugly people stalking me; it is an annoyance, but I can handle them. I have been considering placing defenses so they can't follow me here. All of them deadly, heh.

And yes, I know I'm a sexy bitch. Thank you. I do try to make myself look presentable.

Oh, don't do that. Sulking's a silly thing to do. There are better ways of dealing with problems.

Just keep your chin up, okay?

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Re: You poor dear.
2003-04-12 12:21 (link)

Thanks! You're right! What was I thinking? Hehe, I'm not allowed to angst! It's in the Not-Allowed Stuff part of my job description! Hehehee!!!! ^____^

I think I'm gonna ditch the Sorting. It's depressing me!

Oh, yeah, and:


Heehee! ^_^

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Re: You poor dear.
2003-04-12 12:25 (link)
If it's depressing you, then go ahead.

*gets glomped* Well... I can't say this is a new experience, but most certainly one of the more pleasant glomps I've received. I approve.

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2003-04-12 12:42 (link)
Poor Priss-sensei. Don't let them get you down! You're better than them, 'cuz you got the job.


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2003-04-12 13:13 (link)
Awww, thank you Anarin!! I knew I could count on my wonderful students to cheer me up! *glomps the wolf-girl and tugs on ears* Kawaiiiii!!!!

((I've never seen .hack// I'm hoping that the character you're related to is a wolf-girl.))

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2003-04-12 13:26 (link)
I'm glad Priss-sensei is happy. Flammasari must stick together, na no ja! ^_^ *her ears are tugged on* Yes, I am kawaii. Arigato. ^_^

((Dang, you are good. _<;> She is, in fact, a wolf-girl.))

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2003-04-12 13:36 (link)
((Blargh. That wasn't a tag, Blurty! *chophackkill*))

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