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Chris (prob_dist) wrote,
@ 2005-09-19 21:40:00
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    Current mood:moody
    Current music:death from above 1979 - black history month

    the adventure continues...
    sunday was one of those days you don't want to have. i was just way too emotional all day. when i think too much, i get myself into trouble. i just get really down. it's bad news all around. i haven't been getting enough sleep at night either, which is never a good thing. anyhow... yesterday is over, and today is closing as well. i guess i'll see how tomorrow goes. there is a hill behind my house. i can see my whole down from it. quite nice... i brought my journal, wrote a few things, listened to death cab for cutie and watched the sun go down. i was very sad and even shed a few tears. i think i'm taking this girl thing a lot harder because i'm in a new country. i'm still finding the adjustment hard. i really have enjoyed my time here, but i still feel like i'm from the outside. i don't feel like i fit in... maybe it will come with time. if not, i'll be gone in 10 months... onto the next thing.


    this is a funny picture i took. i love the sign "computer food". it's so random. doesn't make any sense to me... but i find it very humorous. oh those british. until the next time...

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2005-10-05 12:13 (link)

I added you to my friend list.

I've really enjoyed reading about your time in England. Some things that you've expressed remind me of many of the same emotions that I went through while I was living in France. Being in a different culture sure can stir things up.


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