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Chris (prob_dist) wrote,
@ 2005-07-23 01:14:00
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    Current mood:blank
    Current music:don't slow down - copeland

    disappointment is a game for two
    it's been a while... a year? i'm not sure.

    well... it was recently my birthday. it was a GREAT birthday. i partied with the mexicans. good times. dance offs and lots of cake. i felt like a celebrity. i believe that's how you should feel on your birthday. anyways, the person i wanted to most to remember it, didn't. that sucks. it's not like she didn't know. life is full of disappointment. girls are a lot of trouble. i don't know if it's worth the hastle. i finally putting myself "out there", and it's stressful and i hurt a lot. i just want someone who cares and shows it. is that asking too much? you have my attention.

    i'm also going to england soon. that's scary. i have a bit of trouble with my visa/passport right now. i have 4 weeks to fix it. we will see. i'm more nervous than anything right now... i'm not excited at all. i am buying a new laptop. i'm excited about that... (i'm a geek)

    i'm working at mexican camp right now. the kids are great. so friendly... i wish all kids could be like that. there is a definite difference between the mexican and kids from spain. wow. well... that's it.

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2005-07-24 12:27 (link)

I hope you got my belated birthday message. I'm glad it was that good, but I am sorry that I forgot—and that the one person you hoped would remember forgot too.

So you're getting an iBook, right?


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