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Chris (prob_dist) wrote,
@ 2004-05-22 00:21:00
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    Current mood:irritated
    Current music:the delays - nearer than heaven

    i guess no news is... bad news
    so... i got a phone call monday. i wasn't home, but they said they would phone back. they never did. (about the science centre job). i'm taking it that i didn't get the job. oh well, you win a few, lose a few. it was a good experience. i'm a little upset that they never even bothered to phone me back. i think it's a bit unprofessional. i'll try not to be bitter.

    i was supposed to go camping this weekend, but rain is stopping that. so i'm at home. not too bad i guess, as long as i keep myself occupied. i had a good night tonight though.

    i guess this is it for now. nothing too exciting. i'm tired. i've been sleeping a lot lately. things will look brighter tomorrow.

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2004-05-24 03:24 (link)
Why don't you try phoning them back? Its worth a try! And who knows, maybe the position is still open. I wish you luck with your call (because there is no harm in trying).

-A browsing stranger.

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