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Chris (prob_dist) wrote,
@ 2004-05-15 09:53:00
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    Current mood:optimistic
    Current music:man alive - hold on

    hey, there's always a reason
    today i woke up excited for the first time in a long time. i had a good night hanging out with some friends i haven't seen in a while. that's always makes me feel happy. also, i had a second job interview for a job at the ontario science centre. i really don't know how it went, but to even have a second interview was really an honour. apparently there were 1200 applicants for 10 positions. wow. it gives me hope for future job search's that i have something people want in an employee. i've always had a fear of getting stuck in some crappy monotonous factory job. i find out monday about the job. so, God willing... i have a back up plan in case the job falls through. another thing i am excited about is that i am graduating on june 6th. i'll have my second "piece of paper". what does it all mean? who knows...

    things to look forward to is something i really value in life. i find if i don't have something to look forward to, life becomes a little hopeless and i become down. i guess this is what the whole christian life is about, having the hope that one day we will be with our Lord and Saviour. now that's really something to look forward to. it's hard though.

    i have other thoughts, but i'll leave them for another day...

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Sciency Guy
2004-05-15 13:48 (link)

You seem perfect for a science centre job. All your experience with kids and all your schooling will definitely go a long way. I hope you get the job.

Nice seeing you on Thursday. Thank you for coming.


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good friends, good times
2004-05-17 00:24 (link)
friday night was lots of fun. being with you, jeff, dave and my sister was great. it made me decide that i really want to make an effort to get everyone together this summer. especially with jamie here . . . and hopefully he'll be around in august, so jeff will be able to get together as well.

anyway, i have my own blurty now. i jumped on the attractive bandwagon.

talk to you soon!

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