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PrismPerfect (prismperfect23) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 15:28:00
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    Current mood:irritated
    Current music:Sarah Brightman- Figlio Perduto

    Nothing better to do than post a writing.
    Unfold, and to Perfection

    A struggling vision
    We tame these words with
    Love light spoiled ruins
    And I, with my audacity
    I come to you with nothing more
    Than empty, hallowed

    Humming feebly; a lost hymn
    Each breath a cloud
    Frosting fractals on the glass
    Implanting runes, with warm,
    Loving hands.
    We are just an illusion of a
    Bitter lost perception.

    A story sung to the highest hilltops
    And in this final chapter, we know
    We are gone, because we were never here
    ”I” is “we” is as it is
    And never in between.

    Who am I to search the stages
    That which connects our minds with our hearts
    Here in our winter, lost without answers,
    Lessons unlearned, because we are unkept
    Because we are scattered
    Were we torn, as to pieces,
    Of microscopic matter?

    Our numbers are our patterns,
    The language we speak,
    Though we remain unheard of
    Yet we are uncountable,
    Much like the stars

    Coveted, blanketed,
    Yet shrill on my canvas
    I await for you, to bury me soundly
    Glittering, ravishing
    Solar reflections
    Mold and unfold me,
    Will mold and unfold me…

    Unconcerned we are,
    Unaffected we are,
    Humbled by a,
    Long lost embrace,
    We are.

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