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Kristen (princess03726) wrote,
@ 2004-04-22 23:04:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:Grenade Jumper-Fallout Boy

    that was such a blast
    yeah i just got back from the commons with jess...she's sleeping over again. but wow that was just so much fun. i mean, jess and i went to cosi, and then we went to boarders and bobs and we really thought we had no life when the only people we ran into that talked to us were my parents (who just happened to show up there when i was there...stupid parents) but then we walked outside and jeni runs up to me and slams into me giving me this giant hug and i'm thinking "wtf get off me" but she introduced me to lisa. lisa rocked she was so awesome and funny and all. jess and i mainly hung out with her for the rest of the night, and she introduced us to a bunch of different people. i think the best time was when a bunch of us went over to starbucks, and me jess lisa and tim were just sitting and talking and being totally open and yeah. tim gives good advice (its not the size-its the shape that matters) as well as trying to help lisa deal with some tough issues. i mean its just like i had so much fun. i dont know why but i did, and its something i needed. its like ok here are these people that have no problem with being friendly and funny, and giving out compliments that made me feel awesome. i had no problem with being wild and crazy but i could also be seirous and its i dunno i'm really rambling right now. but i liked these people they were different in the way they acted. i think this makes me hate avon more. its like, people arent that way in avon the way they are in simsbury for some reason...and i really dont understand why. mm yeah i really hope i can hang out again with these people tomorrow night! :D and whee i get to talk with cara now too. this day has just been so much fun. i need to have more of these

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2004-04-23 17:38 (link)
You're right... Lisa's incredible. And Lisa's friends... Lisa has a lot of those and if you think the ones you met last night were interesting... wait til the commonz is packed Fri and Sat. You're in for it babe.

Simsbury's WhAcKeD 2 no worries!!!!!!

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2004-04-23 19:11 (link)
thanks for the comment...yeah i'm trying to go tonight (friday) but of course as my most recent journal entry says...that may end up being difficult. yeah can you also tell me who you know like with a signature? thats always helpful

xoxo kristen
^note above example of a signature...follow it please

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