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x.Fuck Flea.x (prettyxvacantx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 21:07:00
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    Current mood:perfect
    Current music:my baaaaaby dog's barking

    A Fairy Tale
    Once upon a time, the girl made a friend. And her name was Sarah, and she turned out to be the girl's only friend, because everyone else she ever thought was close to a friend ended up being a mean person. So the friend girl Sarah was now the friend of a girl named Tori who would sit at her house and write fairy tales on the subject of her own life at the moment! She thought that it was great fun and enjoyed doing so. So the girl's fairy tales would sit unread on a computer screen because no one would read them, except maybe for the girl's friend Sarah, but the girl was not sure about that. She sort of hoped she didn't because she felt her useless ramblings[in british accents, of course] might be embarassing and scare her friend away. But she doubted it because she always would say stupid senseless things and her friend would never say a word.And still the girl sits at home writing her fairy tale although it is dumb and she knows it.So she ended it.
    The End
    [An original piece of work by Tori Myers..bloody sacre bleu...]

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