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Julia (preston69069) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 11:13:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:alkiline trio_blue in the face

    new journal it dosent look diffrent but i got tiard of the username too bad i have no entries in here. I had a bunch in the other one but heres mi old one if you want to check them out >
    now that thats over i had to clean all day cuz i stayed home. but im glad i did. theres nothing to do at school and if i did go i would half to watch a bullying movie... no thanks i dont need any tips... lol but im probly doing more school work at home than im doing at school (hah im such a dork). i love my icon. who knew i could make such lovely icons hehe. i love that movie. Anyways bleh i like mi new journal and i finaly figured out how to add friends lol. waiting for everyone to get home... bye

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2003-11-27 23:54 (link)
JULIAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello. i am lucky enough to have the honor of being the first to post on your NEW

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here we go...long post!!
2003-11-28 00:06 (link)
f*ck...i accidentally pressed tab then enter........crazy fn hands. ok as i was saying...

JULIAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello. i am lucky enough to have the honor of being the first to post on your NEW journal!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! lol. ahhh that guy on your icon looks mighty fine. mmmhmmm!! ::nods:: i think the man on my icon is mighty fine too. check it out. its damn sexy. [IAN] muhahahhaha!! ahhh we gotta see him and shaver and ari and greg [mostly shaver] on sat!!!!!!!! U HAVE TO COME!! and this time u def won't be third wheel julia. i hate boyfriends. u won't be third wheel julia anytime soon. ahh sooo yes. do u have $18?! u better...cuz to get in on sat its $8 and the cd is $10. fn blows. but anything to help out the space and TNJS yo. REPRESENT! lol. ok. haha. ok so i'm picking u up on sat whether u can go or not. either way your gonna be comin with me...cuz if u can go..i'll be picking u up....if u can't go.....we be sneakin u out. i'm bringin a ladder and a trampoline....then we gotta go sneak kaitlin out. fun times. haha. ahh i'm listening to this band called infamous jake and the pinstripe mafia. they have some good sounds....ohhhh yes. haha. yea so wow. def go ask your mom if u can go sat. right now!!!! cuz this is gonna be a most memorable experience at the space. have u ever seen canine smyrk?? if u haven't then u definatly have to come. they are fn awsome. they're soooo talented....and i'm not just saying that. i mean wow. GO<----!!! then look up infamous jake.....and canine and saosin. just started listenin to them. VERY GOOD band. i liek the song lost symphonies or sumthin. real good. ahhh have u ever met jim?!?!?! he's going on sat. hes the bomb!! i lurv him soooo much. u know how long i've known him??? longer then i've known u!! that's a long time. i've known him since either 3rd or 4th grade. wowzers. lol. crazy. so yea. i think i'm gonna stop now. i dunno. i'm just in a typing mood. i mean its like midnight, no ones online and i'm letting out all my typingness ness. soyea. i'm stopping. buh byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!

oh u no u like my new icon. haha. and i love yoursssssssssssss.

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Re: here we go...long post!!
2003-11-28 00:07 (link)
damnnnnnn that's alot

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yabba dabba doooo
2003-12-05 18:17 (link)

I need someone's blurty to read!

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Re: yabba dabba doooo
2003-12-05 19:18 (link)
ok ok!!! i did i did happy now!!!???????????!!!!!!!!

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